Recent Courses

Recent Courses

A representative selection of recent graduate course-offerings relating to Buddhist studies includes the following courses taught in the last several years:

"The Philosophical Career of Vasubandhu," Prof. Arnold

"Mediums and Contexts of Chinese Pictorial Art," Prof. Wu

"Buddhism and the West," Profs. Ketelaar and Copp

"Stcherbatsky's 'Buddhist Logic,'" Prof. Kapstein

"Yogacara Texts: The Mahayanasamgraha," Prof. Arnold

"Seminar: Buddha Nature," Prof. Kapstein

"Introduction to the Study of Tibetan Religion," Prof. Kapstein

"Tibetan Buddhism," Prof. Wedemeyer

"Indian Buddhism," Prof. Wedemeyer

"Tibetan Auto/biography" [PDF], Prof. Wedemeyer

"Issues in Indian Esoteric Buddhism" [PDF], Prof. Wedemeyer

"Buddhist Esoteric Verse," Prof. Kapstein

"Ritual in South Asian Buddhism" [PDF], Prof. Wedemeyer

"The Twenty Verses of Vasubandhu" [PDF], a seminar on the Vimsatika jointly Professors Arnold, Kapstein, and Wedemeyer

"Imagining Death: Buddhism and the Medieval West," Prof. Kapstein

"Mahayana Sutra Literature" [PDF], Prof. Wedemeyer

"Buddhist Epistemology: The Philosophy of Dharmakirti," Prof. Arnold

"Gender & Modernity in Thai Buddhism," Prof. Collins

"Readings in Buddhist Philosophical Texts," Prof. Kapstein

"Consciousness in Indian Buddhist Philosophy" [PDF], Prof. Arnold

"Dunhuang Visual Culture: Traditions and Interactions," Prof. Hung

"Sources and Methods of Chinese Buddhist Studies," Prof. Copp

"Madhyamaka," Prof. Arnold

"Readings in Chinese Buddhist Texts," Prof. Copp

"The Ethnography of Lived Religion: Animism, Polytheism, Humanity," Prof. Collins

"Introduction to Buddhism," Prof. Collins

First- and Second-year Pali, Prof. Collins

"Sources and Methods in the Study of Daoism," Prof. Copp

"Esoteric Buddhism in Tang China: Yixing's Commentary on the Mahavairocana Sutra," Prof. Copp

"Yogacara," Prof. Arnold

"Buddhist Thought in Tibet," Prof. Kapstein

Nirvana and other Buddhist Felicities, Prof. Collins